We don't sell fast food, we serve good food as fast as we can

The Island Fish Bar is a family run business since 1994. Proudly serving a high standard of food whilst providing a great service and always maintaining the very highest standards of food hygiene and food safety.

Welcome to Island Fish Bar. Since 1994 we have seen many changes to our shop including a complete refurbishment in 2005 with further equipment changes in 2013. In 2006 came the introduction of internet ordering and islandfishbar.com was born.

Our service is something we are always developing and we aim to continue our hard work so that we can serve our local community even better for years to come. Please take the time to read more below and find out what it is about us that sets us apart.

We are listening to our customers so if you have any suggestions about how we can improve things further then please get in touch and let us know.

Frying in 100% vegetable oil.
The entire fish bar menu - from our fish & chips to our chicken nuggets - is cooked in pure vegetable oil, which is filtered daily and completely changed weekly.

Best quality potatoes and fresh North Sea cod from Grimsby.
We are constantly praised for the quality of our chips. This is because we only buy the best quality potatoes and use quality vegetable oil. The cod we fry is always fresh with new deliveries 4 times a week.

Weve been using a small group of the same trusted suppliers for years to source all our ingredients. These suppliers are ones who also operate to high standards of food safety and we carry out annual visits to make sure they are maintaining them.

Chicken Tikka & Lamb Shish cooked in 100% pure sunflower oil.
The Chicken Tikka and Lamb Shish we serve is meat cut from breast or quality lamb only and is served as chunks of meat, not slices. Both meats are lightly marinated and only cooked to order (we never pre-cook and store these meats) using 100% pure sunflower oil, one of the healthiest oils there is.

Nan breads baked to order in a Tandoori clay oven.
One of the most popular customer items on the menu are our nan breads, which are baked out at the front of the shop.

The dough is kneaded daily and on rare occasions sells out towards the very end of the night. The bread is lightly brushed with the best quality extra-virgin olive oil.

Fresh base Pizzas.
The dough for our pizzas is kneaded daily and also occasionally sells out towards the end of the night. The flour we use is of premium quality which shows in the final product.

Freshness and quality.
We've gradually found the best ingredients, the best suppliers and the best ways of serving everything on the menu. An example of this is our coleslaw which is home made using the same premium quality mayonnaise that we use on Burgers and kebabs (and even on chips!). You'll be surprised how much you enjoy basic things such as our garlic mayonnaise and yoghurt mint sauce.

You'll notice that we pre-cook very little food. Unlike most shops we don't cook and store food for long periods in heated cabinets. This is because experience shows that it's better to have a continual rotation of food which may require more work but is worth it for the end result.

We aim to serve customers as quickly as possible but its much better to never compromise on freshness.

Our service is always becoming more efficient and you can pre-order for collection or delivery to avoid waiting. This can be done online, by phone or by popping into the shop.

You can pay by card however you order with no additional card payment fees.

Cleanliness, food hygiene and food safety.
A complete refit has allowed us to create an even safer and more hygienic shop. With the help of the local Trading Standards Agency we've fitted kitchen materials and machinery that can be kept in the best order.

The shop is left spotlessly clean after each opening period. We use sound practices of food storage and preparation, such as keeping temperature logs of stored and cooked food.

Our shop always passes spot checks by the local authority with flying colours but we never relax when it comes to food hygiene and our training and development in this area is our highest priority.

Thank you for taking the time to read more about us. Remember to let us know what we can do better and let others know what we are doing well as we rely on your support to continue to serve. You can now follow us using Facebook and Twitter, just see the link on the banner near the top of the screen.

Management, Island Fish Bar